Father’s Day Gifts

Hard-working dads are honored on Father’s Day. Just like on Mother’s Day, this special day is the opportunity for children and wives to give this man a mark of distinction.

Part of the tribute to your dad is in the form of traditional gifts and treats. In giving gifts for him, it is important to consider the value and put some ingenuity in your present. It is not only the price that matters but the fact that dad is happy with your gift.

Creative Gifts for Father’s Day

The key can be your originality. You can harness creative thoughts and think of unique gifts for men. Father’s Day may be the time for introducing your father or husband to things that he has not tried or experienced before. It can be giving the CD of a movie that your father has not watched yet or a bottle of rare red wine. You can start your search for rare wine at BountyHunterWine.com or Fine & Rare Wines. For children who have jobs, there can be nothing more rewarding than booking your dad and mom for a simple weekend vacation in a remote mountain resort.

Gifts for dad can be popular leisure activities right in your own backyard. It is possible to set up a mini golf course in the backyard or right in the basement during the rainy season. It all depends on your inventiveness. You can make holes from pails or cans which are not being used and decorate each one to make them look colorful. The mini course can be made more realistic by erecting miniature obstacles out of old pieces of furniture, boxes and toys. You can spend the day playing and hitting golf balls with your dad.

Perfect Treats for Dad

Some of the more creative gifts for your father include spending the day with him for activities such as a Bar-B-Q party, fishing trip at the lake or paintball adventure. You can also get some tickets for a concert or music festival. These are wonderful experiences that will surely provide some respite from the humdrum activities that your dad does 365 days every year. A day at the Spa will also provide considerable gratification. There is nothing more comforting than indulging in a massage for tender muscles or immersing in a mineral tub. You can do all the house chores such as mowing the lawn, do some carpentry or run errands while your parents (your mom can join your dad) enjoy a few hours at the health clinic.

For more simple but out of the ordinary gifts for dad, you can create a customized photo album by gathering old pictures from the childhood days of your father up to the present time. These can be arranged in a specially-designed album made of unique materials into a personalized photo book. You can even come up with a story of the life of your dad to make the album more dramatic. You can check out companies that offer this service such as Mixbook.com or Blurb.com.

Home videos are also in so you can do a production just like the YouTube Videos on the Internet. These can be transferred into a digital medium or you have the choice of having this put together by a video-editing expert. Again, these are customized gifts that your dad will surely love.