Housewarming Gifts

The housewarming party is the opportunity for homeowners to have their new abode blessed and presented to their friends and relatives.

The tradition is to hold this significant occasion around four months after moving in to a new home. These parties are informal without any program except for a tour around the residence. It is also part of the usual custom for visitors to bring special gifts for the owners of the house. These gifts need not be wrapped but these should at least be useful and memorable to the homeowners. Housewarming presents should represent you and something that will help boost your relationship with your acquaintances. Most visitors bring food and drinks but the traditional gifts for friends are also good choices. Presents are said to bring wealth, good luck and success for the family in the years to come.

Suggestions for Housewarming Gifts

Fresh indoor plants can be ideal gifts for friends. Plants with blossoms will look good in the living room provided these complement your curtains, furniture items and other adornments. It is more practical to give plants compared to cut flowers since you do not have to take care of the former except for occasional watering and trimming. Food can also be a very good choice especially if the new occupants have been involved in moving and doing housekeeping chores. You can place it in a casserole together with some napkins and paper plates for sharing with the family and other guests.

Scented candles make the best gifts whether these are for birthdays, house blessings, weddings or simply any occasion. It is always appreciated and cherished by recipients. Nine out of ten individuals are said to value candles as gifts and use these items for home décor or as external accessories in courtyards. These products are also creative gifts since these can be used as excellent décor pieces or enjoyed for its therapeutic effects and deal with stress.  You can also avoid the hassles of shopping for presents if you opt for perfumed candles. If you are the creative type who likes to make things from scratch, you can even make your own handmade scented candles.

Perfect Gifts for Family Friends

Aside from the items mentioned above, the spectacular flower vase or urn usually made of glass, porcelain or ceramics can be very unforgettable gifts for friends. Gift baskets also make excellent presents. You can put in the common tools used for DIY repairs such as hammer, screw driver, pliers, wrench and small cutting saw. Another option is to fabricate a garden hamper with essential gardening tools, fertilizers, pots and some garden soil. Painting supplies will also come in handy for the homeowner. You can bundle together a durable all-purpose paint brush, roller with handle, tape, canvass or plastic drop, spackle adhesive compound, and spackle blade. It is advisable to include a homemaking magazine and several paint chips. Custom gifts can be a pair of brass or silver candlesticks for the tops of coffee tables, dressers and mantels. Picture frames are also appropriate for ornamentation as well as art pieces that you can get cheaply in art and curio shops.