Inexpensive Christmas Gift Ideas

You don’t have to break your bank just to make someone feel special this Christmas!

Gift giving is an important element of Christmas. You can just imagine how people stress themselves out just to get the best gift for a loved one, friend or colleague. And since people have different tastes and style, it is doubly hard to think of a gift suitable for a specific person. Aside from thinking for the best gift, you must consider your budget as well and determine how much you can spare per person. And it is not as if we set the same budget for all the people we are giving gifts to.

Good thing there are businesses or organizations out there that share gift ideas that are inexpensive. And if you are the creative type, you can even make the gifts yourself, making it more personal.

Here are some inexpensive gift ideas for Christmas.

Meaningful but Cheap Gifts

  • Scrapbook with photos of you and the gift recipient. This is not only cheaper but personal as well.
  • You will never go wrong with mittens, hats or scarves, tea or coffee mugs – these may be the safest gifts out there.
  • Book from the recipient’s favorite author. Or if he or she loves to travel, you can also give travel books or travel size toiletries.
  • Board games or a deck of cards.
  • For those who love to cook, you can get them a recipe book or recipe cards.
  • If the person loves scented candles, you may want to get her different types of scented candles. They come in different shapes and scents.
  • Photo album where they can store pictures that will help them preserve memories.
  • Action figures will also make the perfect gifts for boys and adult males, too.
  • Journal with colored Post-its for those who love to write. Check out these DIY journal ideas, you never know when inspiration will hit!
  • Tote bag or eco bag that they can take when grocery shopping.

Food gifts also make for a perfect Christmas gift. You can either buy it or cook/bake it yourself. Put them in a box or basket with ribbon for added attraction. Below are the most common food Christmas gifts:

  • Loaf of bread
  • Assorted cookies
  • Basket or bag of gourmet chocolate truffles or chocolate bars
  • For kids, mixed candies and chocolates in a clear bottle
  • Cake or a box of cupcakes – you can check check or for great recipes
  • Ginger cookies or biscuits
  • A bottle of his or her favorite wine

If you are into crafts and would rather make your own gift, then these ideas can come in handy:

  • If you have old scrabble tiles, you can use them to form the recipient’s name and make it into a bracelet. You can add charms in between the letters.
  • Old magazine pages can be used to make envelopes.
  • Calendar with special dates highlighted.
  • Compile quotes from movies or poems or novels and make them into a journal or book.
  • Mixed CD for the music lovers.

There are hundreds of Christmas gift ideas out there. Remember, gifts do not have to be expensive. Be creative.