Retirement Gifts for Men

Need help finding the perfect retirement gift for your dad, husband or friend? Read on for some gift ideas!

All through our adult life work will be among our top priority. Every waking moment is spent thinking about our work, what we need to do and accomplish for the day. We feel so tired that at the end of the day all we want to do is go home and close our eyes. Yes, there are days when we go out with friends or take vacations but somehow it is not enough to really feel relaxed.

When retirement comes, people have mixed emotions. The workaholic may not be looking forward to retirement but those who have worked all their lives would love to have the freedom that retirement offers. Retirement allows you to reap the fruits of your labor. It also means being close to family and being able to spend all the time you want with them. Retirement calls for a celebration and gifts are in order. But what do you give someone who is retiring? Finding a retirement gift can be exhausting because we want a gift that will serve as a remembrance as well. You can give a store bought gift or think of something that you can do or make and make it a personalized gift.

Let’s explore ideas of retirement gifts for men.

  • If he is a sports enthusiast, you may want to give him a gift related to the sports he loves – a tumbler, jersey, cap and the like.
  • For a more personal touch, you can create a photo book that will feature his work life. You can include notes or anecdotes about a certain event or picture. Retirement keepsake books can be found online, and you can start your search at Blue Sky Papers or Smilebox.
  • If he loves to travel, you can choose to give him a leather case that he can use when traveling. Travel vouchers are also an excellent idea. It can be for an overnight stay at a hotel or a day trip to some exotic place.
  • Another great retirement gift for men is a dinner voucher from his favorite restaurant.
  • You may want to send him off with a care package or gift basket. Include his favorite drink, book or magazine or something from the company that will serve as a memento. If he has a great sense of humor, he might appreciate getting a retirement survival kit.
  • Books are perfect for those who love to read. Check who his favorite author is or what type of book he reads and you will not go wrong. You may want to include a short note wishing him the best on his retirement.
  • If he loves to watch movies or TV series, you can get him a DVD or Blu-ray collection of his favorite movies or TV series.
  • Gardening tools are perfect for those who love doing garden work and do not mind getting their hands dirty. You can include small tools, gloves and other gardening tools that they can use, then put them all in a basket or hamper.

The best way to determine the best gift for him is to find out what his personality is and what he likes. Remember you are not limited to things you can buy at the store. You can customize your gift and make it personal.