Retirement Gifts for Women

Is there a special woman in your life who is retiring? Do you need gift ideas? Read on to find out what you can give her as a retirement gift.

Retirement is different for men and women as the latter tend to be more emotional than the former. It is also easier to get retirement gifts for men than for women. For women, there are a lot of factors to consider when buying a gift, such as what she likes, her personality, her hobby and so forth. Buying gifts for her can really take time.

When thinking of a gift for a woman who’s retiring, you should keep in mind to get her something that she would associate with you, something that she will cherish and is memorable. If you have been colleagues for a long time, then you can get her a gift that the both of you can identify with.

Gift Ideas for Retirement

Below are some ideas that you can look into when buying retirement gifts for women. Handmade gifts are also recommended since it is more personal if you make it yourself.

  • Spa Gift Certificate
    Pamper your friend or colleague by giving her a gift certificate to her favorite spa or wellness center. Instead of giving her just a massage therapy, you can include other treatments that she would surely love.
  • Gift Basket
    You can give her a gift basket containing her favorite beauty products including make-up, lotion, perfume, moisturizer, soap and even hair care products.
  • Journal
    This gift is very personal and useful. Your retiring friend can write down her new experiences and whatever she wants to remember on a specific day.
  • Book
    Get her the latest book from her favorite author. Or if she loves to cook or bake, a recipe book is a perfect gift. Devotional or inspirational books are also a good choice.
  • Food Basket
    Put together all her favorite foods in a nicely decorated basket. You can include chocolates, tea, coffee, candy and bread.
  • Travel vouchers
    If it is within your budget, you can get her (and perhaps her husband) a weekend getaway to some resort or hotel. You can make it extra special by ordering flowers, chocolates or wine to be delivered to her room the moment she arrives.
  • Wine and Flowers
    You can also opt to get her a bouquet of flowers and favorite wine. If you feel generous, you can get her more than one bottle wine.
  • Gardening tools
    If your friend or colleague loves gardening, gardening tools will make for a perfect retirement gift.
  • Decorative Gifts
    If she’s into scented candles or collecting decorative items, you may want to get her that. Personalized clocks are also an ideal gift. If the recipient is the type of person who enjoys creating things from scratch, you can get her candle making kits from such sources as, Hobby Craft or
  • Scrapbook/Keepsake
    You can put together photos from your office gatherings or events and make a scrapbook. You can include anecdotes or short notes describing the photo
  • Accessories/Jewelries
    Most women would love getting accessories or jewelries as gifts. It doesn’t have to be expensive as long as it is something that she would love and remember you by.